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No. 1, Nov 2016: 

What does Face Forward mean? It’s a reference to society. It’s that condition of looking ahead even when things may not seem right. It’s marching in time when the clocks are all broken. Students in the classroom must face forward. Old men stumbling down busy sidewalks must face forward. Soldiers face forward as they head into war.

Everything we see and hear tells us to face forward or be lost! But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to stop and look around.

As a publisher, it occurred to me recently that writing is an attempt at individuality. This magazine presents a collection of truly unique stories. The voices stand out from the crowd. They cry out, look, life is more than the rules we all grew up with. Life’s what you make it.

Welcome to Face Forward.


The Feeling Switch
Drew Packard’s finger danced over the switch. To flick it or on to flick it, that was the question. And the answer?
By Barry GJ Quinn

Wax Memories
I remember the director’s face the day we discovered my grandmother’s body had been stolen.
By Stephanie Buosi

Sometimes, lying in bed at night next to my girlfriend, I have the urge to wrap my hands around her neck and strangle her to death.
By Benjamin Logan Miller

He was the Wrong One. I had told them a million fucking times and they had told me to shut the hell up.
By Dhaval P. Nayi

“Krom take you!” Krang Cragclimber slammed his goblet on the table with as much power as he could muster.
By Andrew J. Lucas

New Grass
Late every evening he sees her go into the garden while he stands at the window, and his wife, behind him, is fast asleep.
By M.H. Vesseur

The Afghan and the Rifleman
He stands in the briefing room, his men waiting on his word. He knows them all by name and reputation.
By Nick Yates

Halab, Oh Halab
Life’s work is a memory. Children play with old stones, bricks, dirt, and rubble. Devastation unnoticed by numbed eyes.
By EN Heim





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Nov, 2016



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